Thank you for the great year of sales in a depression

We have an exciting new contest to thank you for record breaking sales at Walt Disney in Orlando, Florida.  Winner will be announced July 5th.
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Rules & Regulations

Welcome to the website.  The sun is coming out in full shine.  And you know what that means.  Time to hit the beach!!!  We know it is a recession.  And we thought we have been blessed with big profits in these times and so with the help of our sponsors who felt the same way we thought we would help yall by having a simple sign-in for an all-expense paid trip to Florida.

 The Rules:

1.  Must be 16 years or older to enter.

2. The max we will pay for is 4 going on a trip.

3. One attempt at the log-in.  The more you fill out and do the higher your chances of winning.  Your ip will be logged.  Any spamming this contest will get you banned!

4. Must be citizen of United States.  You will be asked to show proof.  So don’t lie!

Fill the survey out and click the cashout button when you feel you have enough points for your liking. If you close it out with no points. Your chances of winning are ZERO! Your points will be recorded. And you can win an all-expense trip that pays for hotels, gas, and even for recreation!!! Yes, we really had that great of year in sales this year. Thank you America! LETS GET STARTED!!!

So without further aido. Let’s start the fun.